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Company policy

We care about our customers

We created SLIMCELL with one goal: to give our customers a pleasant shopping experience. Our corporate policies are set out in detail below, consult them and contact us if you want to know more.


Shipping and delivery

How we operate

This is the shipping policy section. It's a great place to update your customers on shipping methods, packaging, and costs. Use simple and concise language to get customers to trust you and choose you again!

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The conditions

This is the section for your return policy. The section informs customers on what to do if they have changed their mind about a purchase or are not satisfied with a product. Having a clear returns policy is a great way to reassure customers, as they can shop worry-free and become trusted buyers.

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Warranty information

What you need to know

Warranty and liability section - Inform your customers about the services you offer after purchasing one of your products. This section should include any relevant information on how to use or manage the products purchased on your site. The disclaimer is legally binding, so use simple language to establish trust and loyalty with customers.

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Privacy for SLIMCELL

Trust us with your data securely

This is your privacy policy section. Use this space to explain to your customers how you use, store and protect their personal data. Add details on how you use their bank details to verify payments or how you collect personal data and use it after completing purchases.

The privacy of your users is of great importance to your company, so take the time to write a disclosure that is as accurate and detailed as possible. Use understandable language so customers can shop with you again!

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